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Specialist Engraver and Classic Cobblers
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Meet The Team

In today’s competitive world, the personal touch is even more valued and we can personalise most items with your chosen wording or corporate and sporting logos.  If you need an incentive for your staff, a thank you to a client or gifts for family and friends, anyone of the team below will be delighted to help you! Most of our products have a heavy weight and quality feel and they are plated in a range of Pewter, Nickel, Silver or Gold finishes. Don’t forget we can emboss gold lettering onto leather too.

Joe Stokes - MSRA

Joe is a third generation cobbler with the words of his granddad still ringing in his ears. ” Go the extra mile for your customers son and they’ll always come back to you!” Words he never forgot and to this day Joe will bend over backwards to solve a customer’s repair problem! Joe has had over 20 years of running his own business with wife Lynette and before that he was the area manager for 27 Sketchley shops….remember them? He says he’s lucky in that he gets to do every day what he loves so getting up in the morning is never a problem. So you can see, he understands the importance of providing the highest level of customer care as he wants you to be happy to recommend him and bring in your children and family too.

Joe can often be seen when not in behind the shoe machines, cuddling his ‘boys’ Bailey and Bo, two adorable bichon crosses or racing around in his colourful classic Corvette.


Lynette Stokes - MIDM

Lynette has had a unique 40 years business background. She has combined her natural creativity with a strong commercial marketing sense leading her to understand what people really want from their retail experiences.  Her own sales and marketing experiences within the pharmaceutical and business energy fields have increased her belief that any business or retail success is based on listening to people. business Customer ‘problems’ are just ‘a chance to find a solution.’ Her passion meets Joe’s in that she is committed to delivering something better and different in the high street and is determined to bring that personal enthusiasm to the wider local public and professional community.


Denis Lysaght

Denis started out with Joe as young apprentice and ten years later his superb skill is regularly recognised by the shoe repair industry and customers alike as being “excellent!” His high standard and the pride he takes in shoe repairs have become quite legendary and he has built a large fan base that will only have Denis touch their shoes! Most of this fan base are ladies…we want to know if his secret charming smile is a part of his success? When he’s not charming customers Denis is a keen cyclist and model painter.


Dan Harriman

Dan is the new boy on the block and as our latest apprentice, is very keen to learn a whole new trade. Dan is also just as passionate about his freestyle street riding on his BMX! So you will see him side by side with Denis or Joe learning all the craft secrets to be a winning Shoe Repairer, Leather Stitcher and Engraver. So we ask our customers to be gentle with him in these early days as it can take at least a year to be competent in handling customers repair problems with confidence.


Sue Richards

Having been with us for many years there isn’t much Sue can’t advise on. She is an experienced customer service centre professional who not only can cut your keys, sort out your engraving orders, provide good shoe care advice and also looks after the above ‘boys ‘ by keeping them all in order. She organises all the stock and if you need a certain polish or product next day Sue will quickly sort that out for you. You will see her natural creative touch in our lovely window displays (which isn’t easy in such a tiny space) and her creativity has helped provide engraved gift solutions to many a gift hunting distressed customer. Phew……..what a relief!