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Key Cutting Service

Key cutting is quite an art form. It may seem to a customer that it only takes minutes to cut a key copy but there are many different key permutations to choose from. It can take a few years until a key cutter is experienced enough to match a rare key type 1st time.

Differences in the keys are fascinating to learn. Often you will notice the key cutter staring at your key to be copied. There can be the smallest variation, hard to see with the naked eye that differ one key master from another.  Cylinder keys are the most popular keys which are copied with Yale being the most popular brand followed by Universal. Rarer cylinder key types are often used for windows and cabinets.

A security key often requires a landlord or property owner’s consent to allow a copy to be cut to ensure maximum security to their property.

Mortice Keys

Mortice keys are often found in some old-fashioned-type locks, but the standard Chubb key is generally the most common. Sometimes we get the long-handle key types that will open an ancient garden shed door or an old larder. The front and side cuts to match can be a challenge and patience is often required to ensure an exact copy. Our team are all trained to have the patience and fortitude to deliver the best key copies first time!


Car Keys

Car Keys are constantly evolving due to the manufacturer trying to maintain the security of your vehicle. Going to the original manufacturer to gain a spare car key copy or to replace one that’s lost can often cost a few hundred pounds. By coming in to us we will advise you of the best course of action and try to deliver the most cost effective way of you gaining your precious car key copy.